index Advertsdata analyses the job market in ten European countries: the Benelux region with Belgium, Luxembourg, the Netherlands and France, the Scandinavian countries Denmark, Sweden and Norway, as well as Germany, Austria and Switzerland. In 2019, we recorded a total of over 42.2 million job advertisements in these countries – that equates to over 115,000 advertisements per day.


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index Advertsdata creates transparency in the job market and enables you to conduct targeted searches for job advertisements and those companies that are advertising. The 500+ online and print media that are read, as well as roughly 240,000 company websites, make index Advertsdata the most comprehensive database for job advertisements in Europe.

The benefits of index Advertsdata
at a glance


Tapping into new sources of potential


Always staying up-to-date


Place your candidates efficiently


Connect Advertsdata to your CRM system


Relevant information about your target companies

How you benefit
from index Advertsdata

For HR service providers, job boards, publishers and placement agencies, index Advertsdata is the ideal tool for identifying new customers and providing an overview of the job market. New business strategies – within the HR services industry, for example, active profile circulation or automatic matching – can also be implemented with ease using index Advertsdata.

What makes index Advertsdata so special?

  • Largest online database of job advertisements in Europe

  • Job advertisements from online job boards, print media, company websites and the National Employment Agencies

  • Over 20 filters to enable a quick search of job advertisements and companies

  • Special functions, e.g. search for keywords within the advertisement text, job advertisements backdated from the last 12 months, data sheets on the advertising behaviour of each company

  • Statistical data such as job market developments and forecasts

  • Integration of index Advertsdata into your CRM system

  • Pricing individually according to your needs

Try it out now: index Advertsdata can be trialled free-of-charge and without any obligation. Request your personal now!

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