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What is index Advertsdata?2019-03-26T11:48:28+02:00
  • With our web-based index Advertsdata acquisition tool, recruitment consultants, temporary employment agencies, job boards and publishers can get to new contracts quicker.
  • We can support you in the fast and efficient acquisition of new customers and in addition can offer you a complete overview of the current developments in the job market.
  • Our web-based acquisition tool will help you to identify in a highly targeted manner companies that could be worth considering as potential customers for you.
  • On the one hand, you will save time that you would otherwise have been spending in the search for new customers and, on the other hand, you will avoid unnecessary acquisition activities and can get into contact with precisely the right people.
  • Every day, we collect the activated job advertisements from online job portals, from company websites and from newspapers and magazines and, with around 38 million job advertisements a year, we are the market leader in Europe.
  • This enables us to keep an extremely accurate view of the trends and developments in the job market and to make this view available to our customers in a clear manner and in accordance with individual parameters.
  • In this way, your processes for business analytics and business development will be even more efficient.
How do I get access to index Advertsdata?2015-10-26T17:36:44+02:00

You can register using login data on the homepage of index Advertsdata: www.Advertsdata.com

You will receive the login data from one of our members of staff after a comprehensive training session. Request access to your demo account here.

What does index Advertsdata cost?2015-10-26T17:37:15+02:00

Our service from index Advertsdata is custom-designed according to your needs and requirements. As each company is different and requires different information, every customer will only pay for what they really need.

We would be very pleased to talk to you and to give you an individual quotation.

What target groups is index Advertsdata for?2015-10-26T17:38:03+02:00

Our index Advertsdata service is intended primarily for:

  • Recruitment consultants who want to quickly research companies with acute or general high personnel requirements.
  • Publishers and internet platforms who want to optimise their customer acquisition for successful advertisements sales.
  • Companies that are interested in the use of specific technologies, processes and employee expertise in a variety of companies, for example for software and hardware technologies, language skills or process technologies.
Which advertising markets does index Advertsdata evaluate?2015-10-26T17:38:26+02:00

We currently evaluate the following advertising markets for you:

  • Germany
  • Austria
  • Switzerland
  • Poland
  • Denmark
  • Sweden
  • Norway
  • France
  • Belgium
  • the Netherlands
  • Luxembourg
What search criteria are there?2015-10-26T17:38:50+02:00

Among others, you will have the following research options:

Adverts research:

  • Search period
  • mm input
  • Title/source
  • Number of advertisements
  • Bundle placements
  • Identification of advert duplicates
  • Extended adverts / with no extended adverts


Company research:

  • Company
  • Registered company office (post code/location)
  • Sector
  • Country
  • Federal state
  • Headquarters
  • Number of employees
  • Company turnover


Job research:

  • Position
  • Advert text (full text search)
  • Professional groups
  • Job locations
  • Hierarchies
In which languages is index Advertsdata available?2015-10-26T17:39:13+02:00

We offer our services in the following languages:

  • German
  • English
  • French
  • Danish
  • Swedish
  • Italian
  • Dutch
  • Norwegian
  • Polish
Can I book and utilise several markets simultaneously?2015-10-26T17:39:53+02:00

Booking a number of markets (such as the job market and the real estate market) is of course possible. They cannot however be used at the same time.

Can I book and utilise several countries simultaneously?2015-10-26T17:40:12+02:00

The evaluation of the jobs markets in a number of countries (such as the job markets in Germany and Switzerland) is of course possible. They cannot however be used at the same time.

Is there a minimum period for index Advertsdata?2015-10-26T17:40:33+02:00

The regular period is 12 months. In general, shorter periods are possible. These do however come with extra costs.

How does the licencing model work? Are there individual user licences, or is payment made per branch office?2015-10-26T17:40:56+02:00

The number of user licences depends on the volume of orders. We are of course open to individual solutions here.

Please feel free to discuss this with us.

Is it possible to have interfaces to CRM systems? To what systems are there already interfaces?2015-10-26T17:41:16+02:00

For the optimal use of our service, we already provide the possibility to establish an individual interface from index Advertsdata directly to your CRM.

We already provide interfaces to these systems:

  • HR4you
  • Match Point
  • more are being planned
How often are the data in the database updated?2016-06-01T09:47:58+02:00

In total, for all markets, index Advertsdata evaluates around 21 million job advertisements annually.

The data are updated daily.

Is index Advertsdata also available as an app?2015-10-26T17:41:57+02:00


Under what criteria is the purchase of an address at index Advertsdata possible?2015-10-26T17:42:17+02:00

With our comprehensive company address data, you can increase your prominence in a highly targeted manner at exactly the companies that are key for your success.

Restrict the complete number of more than half a million address datasets in a target group specific manner.

Who is behind index Advertsdata?2015-10-26T17:42:34+02:00

index Advertsdata is a service from the index Internet und Mediaforschung GmbH company and is a part of the index Group.

As the index Group, we provide services in the communication, information and technology business sectors that our customers use to become even more successful. We work for future-facing companies of a very wide range of sizes, for public organisations and for municipalities.

For more than 20 years, index has been managed by its owners, our more than 140 members of staff are employed both at our headquarters in Berlin and internationally.