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The analysis and recording of over 38 million job advertisements per year from more than 500 print and online media, as well as approximately 240,000 company websites, makes us the market leader in European job market evaluation. Although our company is based in Berlin, we demonstrate our expertise throughout Europe – this is because as well as analysing the job market here in Germany, we also analyse it in Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg and France. With your access to index Advertsdata, you can access job advertisements from online job boards, company websites, newspapers and magazines, as well as the employment agency from your country – all in just one system. This eliminates the need to search through individual sources. Therefore, as an HR service provider, you can benefit from index Advertsdata in a number of ways.

  • Find new, worthwhile leads in just a few clicks

  • Place candidates and employees faster and more efficiently

  • Use the potential of your applicant pool much more effectively

  • Always keep an eye on the job market

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index Advertsdata offers temporary employment agencies the possibility of a targeted profile circulation as well as major time savings as they can easily find the right job advertisements. Furthermore, our tool provides you with all the information you need to establish direct contact with key points of contact.

For HR consultants, the tool offers the advantage of significantly faster and more efficient placements, as well as, of course, an overview of the trends and developments shaping the job market. At the same time, you can generate valuable leads for your new customer business via index Advertsdata while significantly increasing your sales success.

Outplacement consulting is regarded as “separation management with a future”. With index Advertsdata, your success rate can be increased even further. Outplacement companies can use index Advertsdata to provide their customers with individual and trend-oriented advice, and place employees with much greater success and speed. Simultaneously, our market data facilitates important decision-making processes, for example, when it comes to the question of which industry is suitable for the reorientation of candidates.

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The fast pace and intense market dynamics of our time are also reflected in the job market. In most countries, there are hundreds of job boards of different sizes and orientation. Then you factor in the print ads of regional publishers. Maintaining an overview here is difficult, a task that seems complex and time-consuming. index Advertsdata is the perfect solution.

In no other tool will you find such a comprehensive compilation of all job advertisements as well as structured evaluations and analyses. In just a few clicks, you can get statistics and job reports.

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