Market transparency and well-founded facts

index Advertsdata gives you the necessary market transparency and provides you with a precise overview of current developments in the job market. Our data allows you to plan and implement your strategy in such a way that you work particularly effectively and have long-term success.

With index Advertsdata, you can recognise not just the areas and regions in which high staffing levels are needed, but you also have the option of keeping an eye on customers and competitors. For more in-depth analyses, our market research experts will gladly support you with individual observations, surveys and studies.

Customer potential and placement options in your sights

We evaluate job advert placement in over 500 print and online communication media as well as more than 230,000 company websites in 10 European countries. We provide you with this information in a clearly laid-out and structured manner in our web-based tool.

So you always have a full overview of which companies in your region and which industry have staffing needs. We provide you with this information in graph form or as a clearly laid out data export. Instead of a lengthy search for the right company for your candidates, place them quickly and effectively. Also use our info agents who will automatically inform you by email as soon as new, suitable job adverts are published.

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Individual research – simple and quick

Sometimes, it’s a challenge to bring the candidate and company together perfectly. With index Advertsdata, find the exact companies which fit the candidates in your pool of applicants. As the European market leader in job market analysis, we evaluate job advert placement in more than 500 print and online communication media and over 230,000 company websites in 10 European countries.

Using special filters, e.g. hierarchy, industry and region, you can limit your search specifically and thus identify the right companies quickly. In our company reports, we use different graphics to clearly and logically display which open positions the searching company has published and in which sources.

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Trends and sales potential understood quickly

Kill two birds with one stone with index Advertsdata: Thanks to our extensive database, you always have a full overview of the job market and can quickly and effectively turn your sales activities into successes.

Search for particular industries or occupational groups, for example, and identify potential customers or win former customers back. In addition, index AdvertsData offers support in implementing special topics, such as specific industries, job groups or full and part-time jobs.

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Business analytics and business development

With index Advertsdata, you have the job market firmly in your sights: Recognise trends early on in this dynamic environment and use this information for your strategic planning. Stay well-informed about the activities of your competitors and discover potential for winning new customers at an early stage. In addition, you can also benefit from comprehensive evaluation options for business analytics and business development: current and prompt info on rankings, market shares and market trends are no longer a problem with index Advertsdata.

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