The perfect tool for unlocking new customer potential

Gaining new customers more quickly

Do you want to identify and appeal to new potential customers?

Our BlueLine offers you everything you need! Which companies are currently actively looking for employees? What are their requirements? How intensively are they looking? You will find out with index Advertsdata – for your region, throughout the country or even internationally – whatever you want. index Advertsdata actively informs you of new advertisements for the profiles determined by you. You receive clear company reports on your target companies and we even help you with map services for planning the routes of your sales staff.

You will see that it’s worth it: more efficiency and more success with sales.

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Would you like to identify new customers? Or perhaps win back old customers?

Then index Advertsdata is the right partner for you!
Our web-based tool offers you a precise overview of job postings from currently more than 500 daily newspapers, job boards and trade magazines as well as over 230,000 company websites. Based on this you can identify as quickly as possible who needs your services and can generate leads. At the same time, you have the option of choosing according to a wide range of criteria like job categories, career level, postal area, identifying new advertisers and access relevant statistics and analyzed data.

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Reduce the time and labour costs of acquisition

Quickly and easily identify new customer potential and make your acquisition more efficient with our web-based tool index Advertsdata.

Get an overview of the company, contact and advert details relevant to you with one click – for your region, state or country. You can use these specifically for your acquisition.

Specify your search according to the number and size of the job postings, advertising listing budgets or other criteria and receive tailor-made leads for your acquisition. The data can be exported into various formats for simple further processing.

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One click away from a new job

With index Advertsdata, you always have an overview of existing customers, ex-customers and potential new customers. Thanks to our web-based tool, you can discover with one click who, when, with whom and how many adverts have been placed. So you can quickly and effectively see customer opportunities and receive the company, contact and advert data relevant for you.

In addition, you can also benefit from market analysis options for business analytics and business development: current and prompt info on rankings, market shares and market trends are no longer a problem with index Advertsdata. As an additional service, our job alerts inform you by email about new advertisements for the search profiles identified by you. Your statistic analysis can be saved easily and can be retrieved as monthly reports.

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