More customers, quicker employee placement

index Advertsdata is the quickest and most effective way of being more successful in temporary work. We offer solutions and tools for almost all problems – from identifying new potential customers to winning new employees as well as continuous market and competitor analyses. We help you to structure and manage your sales optimally and offer IT solutions that are especially tailored to the requirements of the industry.

Acquisition & sales processes

Analysis & planning

Employee placement

IT services & solutions

Our services use more than 1,100 B2B customers of different sizes and strategic directions – from the largest and best-known companies of the industry to independent regional providers.

Get new customers more quickly with index Advertsdata

Our BlueLine offers you everything you need to generate leads and to make cold calls more efficient. Which companies are currently actively looking for employees? What are their requirements? How intensively are they looking? Discover it with index Advertsdata – for your region, country or even internationally as you wish.

index Advertsdata actively informs you of new advertisements for the profiles determined by you, you receive clear company reports on your target companies and we even help you with map services for planning the routes of your sales staff.

You will see: we’re the right partner for more success in sales.

Place employees more quickly – avoid times where there are no placements

Would you like to place your employees optimally and continuously? With index Advertsdata, you can reduce times where there are no placements because you have a detailed overview of the profiles searched by companies in your region.

With the help of index Advertsdata, you will always know which companies currently need the help of your employees so that you can actively offer suitable staff. We make the employee needs of companies transparent so that you can take the initiative.

We also have the solution for long-term planning. With the help of individual market evaluations, you can plan your resources much better and employ the relevant employees.

The job market in your sights – plan better

Which industries are looking for employees in the regions relevant for you, which qualifications are particularly sought-after and how is the job market developing? Without the proper facts, there is a great risk of missing the wishes and requirements of your customers.

With index Advertsdata, you always have a reliable information base for your planning and can direct your offer to the needs of customers – a clear advantage over the competition.

Get an overview of trends and developments in the job market, keep an eye on customers and competitors and plan your offer accordingly. At the same time, index Advertsdata offers a variety of options for optimally managing your sales.

Convince new employees

In many areas of temporary work, corporate customers are easier to find today than suitable employees. We are aware of this problem and support you competently and comprehensively. In Germany, for example, with the index Applicant Generator. With this online marketing service for temporary employment agencies and HR consultants, we secure top placements in Google for temporary work agencies and get new applicants directly on the telephone.

In addition, we support you in HR marketing and employer branding. We guide companies on the way to a suitable and convincing external presentation, optimise jobs adverts and career websites, produce employer videos and if required, realise complete image campaigns.

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