Your partner for the whole business process chain

With index, HR consultants have at their side a competent partner for the entire business process chain – from gaining new customers to market analyses and candidate management as well as external presentation, e.g. on the web or through professional media work.


index Advertsdata is an important tool in the daily work of the many HR companies of different sizes and strategic directions that use our web-based platform to research the contact details of potential customers. Using our data, they can also optimise sales processes and place candidates from their own pool quickly and effectively.

Generate new, promising leads

We evaluate job advert placement in over 500 print and online communication media as well as more than 230,000 company websites in 10 European countries. We provide you with this information which is clearly structured and can be searched individually. So you can find out which companies are searching for which candidates in the regions and sectors relevant for you and can start acquiring customers directly straight away.

You do not need to make unnecessary calls to companies and can make the most of your resources. In addition, our system of info agents informs you automatically by email as soon as new job adverts that match your search profile are placed. Thus you can export all company data quickly and simply and, if needed, you can also do so via an individual interface directly into your CRM system.

Do more business with your pool of candidates

A large pool of candidates is an important competitive factor in HR consultancy. With index Advertsdata, you can make significantly more out of this asset and can place your candidates much more efficiently and quickly. With the help of the extensive research options, e.g. by position, occupational group, hierarchy, post codes/usage location or keywords in the advert text, index Advertsdata makes it easy for you to find companies which are looking for the candidates from your database.

Recognise and use the important trends

The job market is changing quickly and often unpredictably. For HR consultants, it is important therefore to continuously bring the portfolio into line with current developments. index Advertsdata gives you the necessary market transparency.

Our data allows you to plan and act in such a way that you can have long-term success. You don’t just recognise which job profile is particularly sought-after in which regions and which qualifications are requested, but also have the option of keeping an eye on customers and competitors.

And if you want to go into further depth, our market research experts will happily support you with individual analyses and studies.

Tailor-made software systems for HR consultants

Make your processes more efficient and powerful! How? With our IT solutions which are specifically aimed at the requirements of the HR consultancy industry.

We have around 20 years’ experience in implementing software systems for the HR market and can therefore realise solutions that will really help you. This is why we set up web-based and thus easy-to-use applications that can also be easily used by companies without their own IT department.

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